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Abortion Information:

If you think you might be pregnant, you may be experience feelings such as shock, denial, anger, fear, and anxiety. If the pregnancy is a surprise, these feelings are completely normal. However, we want you to know that you are not alone. Your feelings are normal, and we are here to help you sort through them.   

There are a number of options available, and abortion might be an option you are considering. It is important to remember that abortion is a medical procedure regardless if you take the RU 486 pill or have a surgical abortion. We will give you information on the type of abortions available, what's involved in the abortion procedure, common side effects, possible risks or complications, and alternatives as with any medical procedure.  

You deserve to know the facts. You owe it to yourself to make an informed decision. 

Before having an abortion, it is important to have your pregnancy confirmed and an ultrasound to determine if you have a viable pregnancy. The ultrasound will let you know for sure how far along you are, if there is a pregnancy in utero, and if there is a heartbeat.  

Additionally, recent changes to Texas abortion laws have taken place. Please call to make an appointment so we can inform you of abortion procedures and changes in the law. 

Please note: If you have taken the first dose of the abortion pill and regret it we can help. Call 24/7 Helpline 877-558-0333 

We are here to help. You are not alone. Give us a call. 

Adoption Plan:

Choosing adoption is not always the easiest thing to do. Many times, this option is the least considered among the three choices. While it is the least chosen and the most misunderstood, it is also a choice that many women have made without regret. Who chooses adoption as a pregnancy plan? Brave women and women who researched ALL of her options. There are some myths and even confusion surrounding the topic of adoption, so our hope for you is to become informed regardless of what decision you make.  

Adoption is not always the easiest choice, but it is an option for many women facing an unexpected pregnancy. There are choices with adoption such as open, semi-open, or closed adoption.  We are here to provide accurate information regarding making an adoption plan regardless of what you choose.  

Some women make a parenting plan while others make an adoption plan; both can provide you with confidence and peace. 

We are here to help. You are not alone. Give us a call.  

Parenting Option:

When we face an unexpected pregnancy, the idea of parenting can often feel completely off the table.  

We often feel ill-equipped or not in a place to parent. The Pregnancy Help Center of Fort Worth believes that a parent who is surprised and was not planning this pregnancy can be just as capable of parenting as someone who set out to become pregnant intentionally. The Pregnancy Help Center of Fort Worth will listen without judgment, love without pause, and support you in the process!  

We are here for you! Give us a call.