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Pregnancy Testing

We provide a lab quality pregnancy test with a 99% accuracy rate. Your Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) levels will be detected in your urine which is a hormone secreted by the developing placenta after fertilization. The appearance and increased levels of hCG provide an excellent indicator of pregnancy. The hCG hormone doubles approximately every 2.2 days during the first trimester.

Limited Ultrasounds

We provide ultrasounds that are medically designated to confirm the presence of a viable pregnancy, to estimate gestational age, and to detect fetal cardia activity. This means you will find out how far along you are, when your expected due date is, and if there is a fetal heartbeat detected.

Options Consultations

We are here to explore all of your options regarding your pregnancy. We will discuss abortion, adoption, and parenting. Each person’s situation is unique, so we are here to walk alongside you as you move toward making a pregnancy decision.

Medicaid Application Assistance

We have a Medicaid Professional here at our center available to answer questions you might have in regard to your pregnancy and health benefits. She will assist you in the online application as well as give you necessary information regarding medical assistance.

Licensed Professional Counseling

We connect women facing an unplanned pregnancy to Sarah with Hope Rising Counseling and Consulting. Sarah is a licensed professional counselor who is experienced in post-traumatic stress, post abortion support, trauma, anxiety, depression, crisis intervention, grief, stress management, and much more!  Sarah provides counseling via telehealth to her clients, so you do not have to leave the comfort of your home.

Hope Room

We give baby gifts for our new moms after she has delivered her baby. We give clothing, blankets, diapers, wipes, socks, bibs, books, toys, and pacifiers as a gift after baby is born, provided by our Hope Room. Our Hope Room is conveniently located next door. We have a space set aside for new and gently used maternity clothes. In addition, we have gently used baby clothes from newborn up to 24 months as well as baby items such as strollers, bouncy chairs, and miscellaneous items. Our Hope Room is open by appointments during our work hours.

Educational Classes

We offer Earn while you Learn Classes throughout the year as well as online videos offered through Bright Course. Our EWL course is a 6-week course which include classes on labor and delivery, infant care, feeding, and a variety of topics. In addition to our EWL courses we have a variety of informational videos available to view online.

Community and Medical Assistance

We care about your needs during your pregnancy and after. We will connect you to resources within our community such as food, housing, childcare, financial assistance, counseling, job support, and medical care. Do you need help finding an OB/GYN? We can help you find a doctor and additional support.